Wood Flooring: Which Type Will Best Suit Your Needs?

Investing in a wooden floor is a costly process that takes a lot of time, and the sheer choice available can be overwhelming. Your first consideration should be your own needs according to your budget, the look you’re going for and the upkeep. Following trends might take you down a path you later regret.

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Solid Timber

Unlike oak engineered flooring, solid timber consists of planks that join in a tongue and groove fashion. The beauty of it is that it can periodically be restored by sanding the surface.

Engineered Flooring

These floors are very easy to install and they don’t take up precious time on site to acclimatise which solid floorboards do. These “floating timber floors” are made up of multiple sheets of materials that are compressed to create a plank with a wooden veneer. Due to their great sound proofing properties, laminated flooring is very popular for use in apartments.

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This is the wooden version of mosaic. Wooden blocks, that are available in all sizes and colours, are used to create a design. The design choices are limitless. It can be laid individually or bought in pre-fixed tiles.


This will be your choice if you don’t want indentation from furniture to occur. Many older houses have softwood floors because that was what was available at the time. Now, you will find an amazing selection of flooring and wood types from suppliers such as www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk/engineered-flooring/.

Grade and Colour

These are terms you will get very familiar with as you start shopping around for a wooden floor. The natural appearance that is visible to the eye, is the grade. Your choice of grade will be very subjective according to your taste. When it comes to colour you will be blown away by the amount of choice. Many are the natural colours but there is also the option of stains.

Environmental Consideration

Forests in the UK are closely protected by the Forestry Commission. Buying local timber supports a controlled industry and lowers your carbon footprint. A lot of people also opt for using reclaimed wood when laying a wooden floor.

Regardless of what you choose, the best advice would be to consider all the options. Once you know what is available you can start eliminating the options that don’t suit your needs.