Why Do Intellectuals Watch Love Island?

You will no doubt have heard of Love Island and all of the shenanigans that this year’s contestants got up to. But if you have been too ashamed to admit that you too indulge in a bit of Love Island, then don’t be! You, along with most of the U.K. population, have probably been lured in by the show.

Here we look at why even the brainiest of people like to sit back and watch a bit of reality TV unfold.

  1. An Escape from the Real World

Let’s face it: the sun, pool and the group of tanned men and women dressed in their swimsuits all day long are quite a draw. Most people watching the show would dream of being somewhere like that and being cut off from the outside world with no emails, text messages or phone calls.

While many of us dream of a world without technology, most of us would be lost without our devices, many of which are now seen as a commodity. If your TV is on the blink, be sure to contact Gloucester TV aerial installation experts such as http://steveunettaerials.co.uk/ – you wouldn’t want to miss a moment of Love Island, would you?

  1. It Makes Them Feel Smarter

In spite of the participants’ intelligence levels, producers of the show are fully aware that Love Island is an entertainment show, and they therefore edit the programme to make it more interesting. As such, they only show the moments that will get a reaction, making those watching feel much better about themselves and their current romantic situation.

  1. It Is Easy Comedy

Once again, clever editing comes into play and the ‘cast’ are turned into comedians. The humour, however, is light-hearted and doesn’t require any deep thought, so viewers can enjoy a bit of dumb comedy to end their day on a high.

  1. They Enjoy a Bit of Controversy

Even the most passionate feminists can’t resist tuning into Love Island, despite feeling that the men treat the women dreadfully. Camilla, one of the contestants with strong feminist views, will also have encouraged more like-minded women to take a chance on the show. However, anyone who has watched even one episode of the show cannot deny that the women are equally as brutal to the opposite sex.