What Type of Resort Is Seminyak in Bali?

If you have an interest in exotic island locations and you’re frequently checking up Bali holiday packages, you must have heard of Seminyak by now. Naturally, if you’re like the rest of us, you’re wondering what kind of destination it is and whether it suits your holiday style or not. We will have a look below at what makes Seminyak special and why you should really try it as soon as possible.3

Seminyak is a quick growing resort

Seminyak has recently emerged on the touristic map of Bali. Almost everything touristic has been built in recent years. From a modest fishermen village, it developed into a bustling resort with bars, night clubs and interesting shops. It’s actually quite a trendy place. Its quick growth, however, may mean that soon it could become too crowded and crammed – which is why you should visit it soon.

Accommodation for the romantic at heart

If you have a young spirit and you choose Seminyak for its beach parties, sunsets and sunrise moments, exquisite wining and dining occasions with your beloved one and so on, know that you can also get appropriate accommodation for two. It’s a popular honeymoon and even wedding destination and, if you wish to have a great time with your soulmate, whether surrounded by party people or completely isolated, you can choose Seminyak. Its hotels, as well as private villas, are ideally suited to such purpose. If you want to make it truly unforgettable, look for villas in Seminyak on the beach.

Cafes and restaurants for every taste

There’s an emphasis on dining out, socializing and just being out with the locals and tourists in Seminyak. You can always opt for something different, be it a traditional Balinese kitchen bar on the beach, a Spanish style restaurant or an upscale pool party. The cafes are equally diverse and attractive. You’ll find anything from the motorcycles, burgers and tattoos type of venue to glamorous lounges.

A rich culinary experience

As proven by the many different restaurants, Seminyak is the place where you can sample remarkable and varied dishes. To sample as much as you can, go to the East Street or Jalan Laksamana, where you’ll find loads of delicacies. It could be the best food in Bali, all found along the same street.

A unique place for shopping

The main streets in Seminyak also host numerous little shops, many of these with a focus on artisan items produced locally. You can get Indonesian clothing or a unique piece of jewelry made especially for you. Besides items like homeware, sculptures and antiques, you can even buy Balinese furniture.

Immersive culture

Seminyak is one of those spots where you can immerse yourself in the local culture, whether it’s through exploring ancient Hindu temples, viewing and practicing local crafts, witnessing religious ceremonies or touring the region’s rice terraces. It’s easy to sample the authentic life of Bali. Locals have no problem with including tourists in their celebrations.

Seminyak is thus a trendy place where you can travel and enjoy the Bali life at a fast pace. You can find relaxation through art, culture and culinary experiences. Your nights can be filled with fun and excitement, while your days are spent at the beach, sipping on cocktails or playing in the waves.