The Reason Why Fast Food Restaurants Have Different Menu Items in Different Countries

Today, every one of us is living in a fast pace. So many things that happen in everyone’s life on a day to day basis. People get out of bed and get back to bed without even being able to stop for a second and think of what happened to this day. With this kind of lifestyle people are in, it is quite often that people tend to have things done in a fast manner. Everything in an instant. In order to cope up with the time constraints that a person has in a day, people tend to resort to eating food at an instant without wasting time in preparing or cooking meals. One of the ways people do this is by ordering or eating at fast food restaurants. It is time efficient, tastes good, and is relatively cheap.

Fast food businesses are one of the leading industries in our world today. Fast food restaurants are building franchises all over the world at a high rate. With this global expansion of fast food restaurants, in order to cater to the local preferences of their customers, they tend to change up their menu items in order to conform with their target market. This type of strategy is what experts call as product localization.

In other words, product localization is when establishments or companies customize what they are selling to the people they are selling it to. It is where they bring their products to other places and then adapting their products to the place they go to. For example, western food establishments bring their burgers, pizzas, and tacos to eastern countries then try to blend their products with local flavors.

One of the countries wherein fast food chains mix up their recipe for their food is China. China is a country rich in ancient culture and customs which are still preserved up to this day. It is a country rich in historical events like the different dynasties that ruled over China, the opium wars, the capture of Hong Kong, the Nanking massacre, the Chinese revolution, the rise of the new people’s republic of china, and many much more events that has shaped this country’s culture, practices, as well as its cuisine. With this vast array of events and influences, Chinese culinary is very much different than western food. This is why most fast food restaurants try to adapt their food to the liking of eastern people in order to have their food be patronized in Asian countries.

One of the leading American fast food chain in China is KFC. It offers a variety of food items that is a hit for local customers. An example is in their side dishes. Instead of getting coleslaw, which is a regular side dish in the United States, Chinese nationals could order seasonal vegetables to go with their chicken. Another menu item that is sold in Japan by KFC is congee or rice porridge. It is part of their breakfast menu that is served with sesame bread.

Another famous fast food restaurant that is making moves in order to penetrate the Chinese food market is Mcdonald’s. Ironically, Mcdonald still serves their classic sandwiches after they figured out that Chinese locals preferred their beef sandwiches rather that its rice burgers in an effort to compete with KFC in Asian countries. However, their burgers are not exactly the same as their version in America. For Mcdonald’s quarter pounder, it is served with cucumbers rather than pickles. Also, it comes with a different dressing which is spicier than the original. Also, the side dish for their burgers could be changed to a corn cup instead of your regular french fries.