Should you Apply for a New Dental Job?

 Many dental employees get itchy feet when they feel quite settled in a position and consider the prospect of applying for a new dental job. This is especially so if you have had a bad day. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there where we feel under appreciated by our current employer, and we think to ourselves that applying for a new dental job where you feel valued would be beneficial for your professional life.

The most common reasons for people to leave their job include the lack of a raise, problems with personnel at your workplace or the conditions in which you need to work in. Before you jump into such a big life changing decision, you should consider the following:3

  • Do you feel any feelings of dread when you go to work at your current workplace? If you do, that’s a sign you should probably search for a new job. It is vitally important to be happy.
  • Do you find it hard to get along with your work colleagues? Having friends in the workplace where you work is important. If you don’t, why not?
  • Have you been promised a raise but have yet to receive anything? Also, if your responsibilities have increased but your pay has not seen a similar raise, it might be an idea to choose a job where your talents and efforts are fairly reflected in your wage packet.
  • Do you think you are unappreciated at work? We all know that feeling like this can be incredibly frustrating and hit your morale. It is important to work in a workplace where your talents are seen to be valued.
  • Do you think your job causes you more stress than actual enjoyment? Stress is a serious problem in the workplace, and if you are constantly stressed, it will lead to reduced performance and increase the likelihood of increased blood pressure, and even depression.

After looking at these five questions, if you answered yes to three of them, then you should consider a new job. Make sure you browse dental job websites such as It is important to gain an idea of what jobs are available and what skills and responsibilities that you will be expected to complete.

Before applying for a job opening, do some research on the dental office you are applying for. It could be that a dental office has a lower number of patients, which will reduce your stress. Or, it could offer a better wage package and career progression. Make sure you compare any job that you apply for with your current position. You don’t want to make a mistake and take a job that will make you less happy than your current job. That would be terrible! We hope this will help you make a decision about whether to apply for a new job or not.