Safety Tips For Pilots During Summer

Summer is a season of joy and when it comes to flying the excitement is boundless. However as a pilot, it is very important for you to be aware of some safety tips when you are high up in the air flying. These tips will ensure that you are protected and the passengers flying with you are safe on the flight as well.

A professional pilot speaks

Rick Bucklew has years of invaluable flying experience in the aviation industry in the USA. He says that as a pilot and flight instructor, he has flown many aircrafts both big and small. He says that in summer the weather does become hot and humid. Your performance in the cockpit should not be affected because of the warm climate. He says that before you are flying in summer, it is important for you to check the aircraft and ensure specific safety standards are met before the plane takes off. He says that if you are flying a plane during the summer time, it is very important for you to take some time off and review the conditions in the plane to ensure that everything is in perfect working condition.


Check the plane in summer carefully …

He further states that when you are checking the plane in summer, you should go through the instruction manual of the plane before you fly in the sky. He has been the Captain of a popular airlines once and he says that before every flight he used to talk to the mechanic of the plane about the intricate details of the plane to know them better. He also had to ensure that all the tools of the plane are working properly. This of course will go a very long way in improving the safety of the plan and helps in the reduction of accidents too. There are several planes that have accidents in the summer as they malfunction due to mechanical failure all of a sudden.

Pilots also have to ensure that during the summer season the days are long and the nights are very short. This is why pilots need to be sure of sunrise and sunset landings so that every time they fly the plane or are on long trips, they are aware of the right time for landing and take-off.  During the summers, the humidity and the heat often result in fatigue and dehydration. Pilots have to keep their flights really short so that they do not get exhausted due to the heat and warmth of the climate. If you as a pilot are not careful, there will be a number of accidents caused due to dehydration. The heat and the humidity of the weather can also hamper the performance of the battery in the plane- it is important for you to check this as well he says.

Ric Bucklewin conclusion says that when you are flying in summer, it is important for you to keep the above tips in mind when you are flying in the summer. It is crucial for you to keep the terrain in mind so that you are in control of your safety and protection all the time!