Role of Luis Manuel Ramirez as President of GE Energy Part and GE Rentals

Ramirez has a wonderful professional career and has the experience of working with a number of reputed companies of the world.  He has specially associated with GE and has worked in a number of their companies. Since, he has more than a decade of professional experience, so he has been able to successful use his professional experience, to provide guidance to a number of companies, in reaching their organizational goals.

He has worked in very good positions and has been a team worker. Companies, who were not being able to do well in the market, have been able to do very well under his guidance. They have successfully come out of losses and have been able to become profit making organization.

Since he himself has worked as the CEO, so, he is also able to provide proper consultations to the CEOs of the organization. There are other consultants in the market, who do work as the consultants of the CEO. But since, they themselves have never worked as the CEO, so they are often not able to provide practical solutions to the different problems that a CEO of a reputed company might be facing.

Apart from being the CEO, he has also been the president of GE Energy Parts, and GE Rentals. There are many roles and responsibilities that he has performed as the CEO of an organization and if you are really interested to know about them in details, then you can go through the discussion given below:

  • He has opened up operations in the international market and has thereby opened up new avenues of business for a number of organizations.
  • He has successfully taken up new challenges and has delivered in both the volatile global sites as well as the competitive markets.
  • He has successfully increased the business of GE Energy and has been successfully able to provide an annual increase in the profit by 10%
  • He has increased the overall sales of the company, thereby successfully able to help the organization to grow.

For GE Rentals, Luis Manuel Ramirez has been able to successfully provide climate control and proper power generation solutions. He has helped in the proper revenue growth of the organization and has successfully increased the overall business of the organization. He has also expanded the business in the Middle Eastern countries and has made this company a great player in the market by successfully winning the Olympics contract. He has also helped the organization to grab other global power deals.

In order to reduce the unnecessary expense of the organization, Luis Manuel Ramirez has closed down a number of non-performing assets and also closed down businesses in the non-performing location. He has also successfully created project portfolios with zero back logs. So, in case you need certain solutions regarding the working of your organization, do get in touch with Ramirez. Since, he has a lot of experience in the related field; he will be able to provide solutions for all your business related issues.