Middle-Aged and Visiting Bali: Top Attractions and Activities

You’ve never had the chance to reach exotic islands until you reached middle age. You’re drawn to heavenly Bali, but you’re not exactly tempted by long clubbing nights and dancing in the sand. Or, you don’t have the energy for it. You don’t have to fit in with the young crowd in order to have a great time, though. Find below a list of travel expert recommendations for middle-aged or older people.

Visiting art galleries

Where in other countries women buy ladies suits online, bali on the other end hosts numerous art galleries and cultural venues where tourists can admire works of art, both new and old. There’s something to suit every taste. You will even find quirky or amusing galleries. Whichever you will choose, in the end you would have experienced something completely new and amazing.

Learning how to cook – Balinese style

Villages, cultural centers and even local’s homes offer special cooking classes for visitors. You will learn how to mix, match and cook local produce and recreate the same dishes at home. It is also possible to book luxury accommodation, like the typical Bali villas Seminyak offers, and hire a cook to show you the secrets of Bali cuisine. The investment is totally worth it, since it has the potential to change your future culinary experiences.

Renew your wedding vows

If you are traveling to Bali with your husband, you may take example from countless other couples and renew your vows in a private (or public, why not?) ceremony – perhaps right on the beach. If you don’t fancy Hindu temples, don’t worry, there are also Christian churches around for those who are extremely serious about this. Show your partner how much you love them in one of the most romantic settings in the world. Strengthen the bond between you and don’t forget to hire a photographer to take splendid shots.

Go on a farm trip

You don’t have to stay in your chosen beach resort only. Feel free to explore the region. If you think jungle trips, safaris or visits to animal sanctuaries are not exactly for you, and then you should try a traditional village instead. Get to know local people, learn their crafts, see how they cultivate the land and cook. It’s an enriching experience that will take you on a journey of the senses and perhaps you will rediscover yourself and your true purpose, too.

Book a long spa session – or more

Spa treatments tend to be cheaper in Bali and be of a great quality at the same time. Book yours and take your time to soak in the atmosphere. For true pampering, choose a spa by the sea, preferably on the Jimbaran coastline if that’s accessible to you. Relax in a Jacuzzi, get a massage, treat your skin to fragrant oils and drink a replenishing green smoothie wear  designer gowns

Stay in a water villa

Bali is filled with stunning travel accommodation options, yet nothing is like a water villa. You go out of your room and you can step right into the pool. The water surrounds the building almost completely. Such homes are not made only for party people. Anyone can enjoy their beauty and tranquility.