How to Identify Subject for Photography?

When it comes to pursuing photography as an art form of expression, it is indeed a very vivid one. Nothing is as good as a photograph that speaks a thousand words. There are various avenues these days where one can easily post or share his or her photographs and get people to buy them too.

PA based curator Michael Haddad belives that to be a good photographer one has to understand that besides having a good camera, one also needs to learn a few tricks. Just like any other form of art, photography too needs practice and one has to learn about it from the experts. One would have to learn the lesson and make sure that he picks the right subject and follows his passion in the right direction.

How to pick the right subject for photography?

It is essential that one pick the right subject for photography and then bringing out the beauty of the subject through the camera. Once the photographer understands or knows his forte, he shall not go wrong.

    • Find something from the house: The easiest way to start photographing would be to photograph something closer home. It could be taking a snap of the things at home, that look cool or that are beautiful, odd, or plainly poetic. It need not be a shiny new item it could be a broken pot, a painting, or anything that strikes anyone who walks in to a room. It could even be the garden, or any simple subjects that are available in day-to-day life.
    • Look for Street photography subjects: A shopper running home with bags in the rain, or a working professional checking his smartphone along a busy roadside are all interesting pictures, which tell stories. Michael Haddad ensures that if the photographer is good, the result comes out good. Pictures should have some story behind it or it should have the strength around which one can build stories.
  • Look for beauty in nature: Is the sun incredibly beautiful this sunny evening? Take a snap right then and there. Is the bird sitting by the ledge very unique? Just take a snap of it too. Nature photography is a vast subject and under it falls marine and underwater photography, and even wildlife photography. That is the vastness of the subject and if one is serious and aims to benefit the society by raising awareness on the dwindling numbers of birds, animals and bees, then there is no better way than by looking for beauty in nature through the camera lens. Trying to learn a few birds or animals that you like photographing shall add to your value and find you a place of great prestige among conversationalists and wildlife magazines across the world.