How robots will impact the workplace of the future

Robots are being used more and more in the workplace, and now many experts are predicting that technological advances will have a huge impact on the workplace and the way that people do their jobs.

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Many people believe that advanced robots will take over human jobs, and this is definitely possible – but they will also open up new job opportunities for people.

We are already seeing artificial intelligence (AI) and robots in many workplaces, especially workplaces that rely heavily on technology. But how exactly will robots impact the workplace of the future?

Robots in the workplace

According to Wired robots will definitely be staying in the workplace. They will even manage to expand skills and boost sales, and this will result in better productivity and retention rates. This means that there will be less demand for people working certain jobs, as the robots will be able to do a more effective job.

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Many people assume that robots will only be taking over low paid jobs, but now experts are saying that AI robots could be used in various well-paid sectors including banking, accountancy and law. They could even be used in the farming and fishing industry.

This confirms that some human jobs will become completely redundant, but it isn’t all bad news as new jobs will be created. The majority of the new jobs will be in the technology industry as there will be a bigger demand for app development and bioengineering. It is also likely that many of the new jobs will be well paid, specialist roles that require a level of skill.

It is worth noting that some industries will be relatively free of robots, such as the care industry and the hospitality industry. Humans will always be better at working in these areas, and for that reason, these industries won’t see many jobs being replaced by robots.

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How does this affect workers?

The main way that humans will be affected by robots taking over jobs is that they will need to become more skilled to find work. Many menial jobs can and will be completed by robots, and this will affect the job market by reducing the number of low skilled options.