Galaxy S9 will put a smile on your face with its camera

Samsung follows the trend initiated by the LG G6 and the Xiaomi Mi Mix, although its overall screen is slightly more achieved by the curved edges and slenderness of the terminal (8 millimeters thick), which give the format 18.5: 9 a Character completely symmetrical, but without the excessive lengthening of its rivals. The resolution of the S8 screen is Quad HD, high definition (2,960 x 1,440 pixels), very close to 4K, and is dust and scratch proof, and submersible up to 1.5 meters (iP68 certificate). For its next smartphone, Samsung Company has fabricated Galaxy S9 in a unique way, the device has an edge-to-edge 5.8” display – edged at all four sides; the stunning AMOLED display having 4K resolution, 2985 x 1445 pixels and devoid of any physical Home button; guarded with Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

Samsung Galaxy S9 filters automatic mode

With a manual demolition mode that allows doing, as we saw in the S6, S7, and S8, true devilishness, we cannot forget in the Samsung Galaxy S9 exposure compensator of the automatic mode. Rumor suggests that it is quite effective and is left for the majority of users to embroider it when making a shot. To order we would like to have, in the manual mode, two levels of measurements and adjustments in the scene and to be able to counteract the luminosity of the objective when we use low shutter speeds. The Blessed problem when we do night shots, but something complex to use when there is a lot of light.

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But let’s go for parts that we “heat” with the camera without having started. To begin with is the first Galaxy Edge that finally has the camera 100% integrated into the casing, a key to preserving it from possible blows and other and one of the most criticized points of previous models. It is a Dual Pixel sensor with a resolution of 12 Megapixels (4032 x 3024) in 4: 3 format (9.1 MP in 16: 9), optical image stabilizer, HDR, F1.7 aperture, with 1.22μm in size Of pixel, 1 / 3.6 “for the dimensions of the sensor and a field of view of 80 … that can generate RAW files (only in pro mode). We can enjoy the high-quality 4K realistic pictures with Galaxy S9 having a wide range of colors, hues. The 16MP+16MP front camera and Dual-lens 31MP back camera would be really impressive having the highest clarity and detailing with wonderful 3D effects.

Samsung Galaxy S8 format RAW edition

RAW file editing in Photoshop

Galaxy S8 RAW format

Enlarging photo in RAW mode

This is the so-called RAW of the pure files used by the most advanced photographers, ideal for professional work or editing, and we can generate it in the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 +. In the case of Galaxy S8, a luxury, yes, do not lose sight of them as they eat a lot of memory space. If a photo of the Galaxy S8 takes a little less than five megabytes at maximum resolution, in the case of RAW is five times more.