Enjoy The Famous Events In Europe

Falling of the leaves is the new summer, and to prove it, we’re allocating the best top european events, festivals, and parties that are going to start from September to November (when we just happen to be offering discount up to 40% off hostels!). Continue to enjoy parties throughout the year with amazing events of the europe.

Art Basel: It is declared as the world’s premier Modern and concurrent art shows, held in every year in Basel, Hong Kong and Miami Beach. It was founded by gallerists in 1970,  that Art Basel has been a operating force in supporting the role that galleries play in the stimulating of artists, and the promotion and development of visual arts.

Oktoberfest: One of the top european events Oktoberfest has its origins since the year 1810. However, it looked a bit unfamiliar then, as the first Oktoberfest was a horse-race, taken as a part of the wedding events of. The public liked that horse-race so much, that it became an yearly event, which then evolved into what we know as Oktoberfest at present, as the focus transferred more and more away from the horse-race and moved towards drinking beer and fun rides.

International Kite Festival: Marked by an inclusive, friendly and family-oriented spirit, the International Kite Festival brings together various hundred thousand local people, national people and international spectators. With a worldwide effect and a spectacle and festivals that are continuously refined at the instigation of its managers and the town council, RICV has become one of the largest yearly gatherings of kite-flyers since its formation in 1986.

Stockholm Pride: This year’s trained team wants to make utilise of all people’s innovation and personal grants to create a fantastic and memorable parade.

“We’re all one big family members and every individual should experience a lovely parade filled with love, both parade-goers, spectators and volunteers”, said by event director.

Carnival of Venice: This is a Carnival of marvels, fairy tales and fantastic natures: the woods, the valleys, the mountain, the seas, the lagoons and the funny animal and vegetable creatures occupying them.

Tour de France: The line between genius and insanity is said to be a good one, and in France during 20th century , anyone stand up a near 2,500-km lengthy cycle race over the country would have been widely seen as mad.

La Tomatina: The beginning of this huge tomato battle date back to a fight between children in 1945 and it has been celebrated annually since then.

The “Tomatina” is organized on the last Wednesday of August in the town of Buñol. This different festival brings join together crowds of public every year, Prepare to have a great time of laughter and enjoyment one together, throwing tomatoes at each other.