Bring in Top Talents for Your Startup


Start- up businesses face challenges that many established companies do not. One in particularly is sustainability which is of the utmost importance in a Startup environment. This lies in your company’s ability to attract and find the right employees for the job.

When starting out, it’s essential that you attract top talents to help nurture innovation, and help improve and grow ideas. To do so, it’s important to be flexible with resources you have and expand your search parameters.

These are our top tips for bringing the best talents to your Start-up:

Invest time and effort

Many companies rely on HR when recruiting talents. But, with a start-up, you may not have this department yet. Because of this, it’s best that you hire your own people by investing time and effort into finding quality candidates. Many e-recruitment tools and resources may help you with this process.

You could also request the help of talents agencies that focus on finding suitable people for their clients. Note that may creative people use different platforms when looking for online jobs and the best career opportunities. Reliable talent agencies will help you fill positions that match the skills you need.

Make use of technology

Outsourcing may be efficient at times, but it lacks human connection. It’s advisable to supervise the process, so that you can build credibility by treating job applicants like human beings. Hiding behind the process can backfire, as there is no human connection to the recruitment process.

The use of a cloud- based HR productivity tool is beneficial in finding the right talents with human connection. Tools like these are able to connect employers with talents, with the advantage of establishing a network effect. This can help you save time and connect with quality talents, and assist with rejecting unsuitable applicants.

Treat applicants with respect

You will always have the final decision on whether to hire someone or not. In situations where you need to reject the applicant, it’s essential that you do it in the right and most polite way. Being arrogant will harm your business and it’s reputation, as those who have been mistreated will spread the word, believe me.

You need to treat everyone with respect and dignity, regardless of their skill set, or experience. The best thing that you can do for your businesses reputation is to leave people feeling good about your company, and the people that they may potentially work with. This will help them to forge a good opinion of the company, and make them hope for a new career opportunity with your business.

Look for the ‘right’ people

If it’s your first time recruiting, you will probably be inclined to look for people who hold the same qualities are yourself. This however, is not advisable, as you should be looking for candidates with the skills and experience that fit into the specific line of work.

Here are some suggestions in finding the best and most suitable talents:

An applicant with an impressive CV or resume may be tempting to hire. Keep in mind however, that just because a person may work for a well known company, it doesn’t mean they are suitable to your start-up. Other top talents work for lesser known companies too!

It is always advisable to think hard when considering an applicant simply motivated by money or job salary. It’s always better to hire someone passionate about what your business does and really believes in the company and it’s vision and mission.

 Hire diverse talent from different personality types and backgrounds, as well as those with varied skills that can help improve your company’s innovation and creativity. Diversity within the work environment is proven to help creativity and the flow of ideas, as it breeds new ideas and thought. By bringing innovation to your team, you’ll help your company to grow.

It’s also  important to make your startup tempting to join. Attract top clients by being inspirational with your company goals and treating everyone like they are really a part of your company.

Moreover, don’t hesitate to invest in e-recruitment products and tools that can help you fill job roles, connect to quality talents, and streamline the process of hiring.