A Guide to Moving in and out of the 6ix Like a Pro

There’s a saying that without hard work and discipline, it’s impossible to become a top professional in your field. This is true for every industry — from medicine, sports, law, and even household moving. But diligence isn’t the only quality of Toronto’s best moving services. There are a variety of features that you can look out for when you’re in need of professional help during your move.3

Like most searches these days, your first step will be to head to Google and see what comes up in your area.  While this is a great way to dip your toe into the world of Toronto moving services, there’s more work ahead of you. It’s not recommended you go for the first company that the search engine produces. It may be a great business, but you won’t know until you check out their background. While you’re still on the results page, you can read up on Google reviews of moving companies in Toronto and compare them to reviews left on other third-party websites like the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Seeing what past customers have to say about their services (good or bad) is a good indication of what type of service you can expect if you hire them yourself.

Eliminate those companies that seem to rack up a lot of negative reviews. From those that are left, you can start a more thorough inspection of the top 3–5 businesses. Your research should uncover very specific qualities if you want the best moving companies Toronto has to offer. First and foremost, they must be in possession of the proper licenses. These licenses ensure their employees are properly trained to provide elite moving services who can operate advanced equipment. The accreditation also proves that they have another important feature: insurance.

By law, Toronto moving companies must have insurance. This provides important coverage should an accident cause damage to your property or bodily harm to one of their employees. If you can’t confirm that a company has insurance, don’t investigate any further. Though a professional service can all but eliminate the chances of an accident, sometimes mishaps happen.

Once you’ve found a company (or more) that can provide a license and insurance to do business in the city then move onto getting a quote. You can receive both general information about rates and estimates for your move over the phone. In order to get a final quote, however, a moving specialist must come to your home and see the size of your location and amount of things you intend on moving — free of charge.

Chances are if the owner of a company is hard working and disciplined, then they’ll meet these requirements. But it’s always good to double check. When you can confirm you have the top professionals on the job, then you move can go as smoothly as possible. And best of all, you won’t have to lift a single finger.